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Get your Reddit Clone app Script now

Get your Reddit Clone app Script now

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The Reddit Clone App includes an iOS and Android app for your users, as well as a powerful admin dashboard from which you can control everything.

Development of a Reddit clone app

Many entrepreneurs and startups have created their own unique Reddit clone apps that enable people to share pictures and videos publicly in response to the rapid growth of photo-sharing services like Reddit. As a result, if you're looking to hire the best mobile app developers to build native Android and IOS Reddit-like apps, our team of skilled developers can customize and build Reddit-like apps. We redesign online photo and video sharing apps for iOS and Android using cutting edge tools and technologies.


• Login to social media

Instead of using an email address and filling out all the required fields, users can sign up for the app using their social media accounts here.

• Video/image sharing

Directly from their libraries or with their smartphone's camera, users can upload photos and videos. Users are able to upload numerous photos and videos by following a few easy steps

• Change Profile

Here, users can make a profile for themselves where they can manage all of their information, Including Name, Age, Gender, and Payment Options; add their favorite films or videos; and manage their watch history.

• Imaging filter 

With the aid of this feature, it is simple to edit photos using various filters and editing tools like crop, color combination, rotate. straighter, and perspective correction. Applying filters and uploading images and videos are options for your

• Newsfeed

View the most recent updates from your favorite stars and followers, as well as the trending events in the lives of your friends

• Chat

Instead of using an email address and filling out all. the required fields, users can sign up for the app asing their social media accounts

• Activity Journal

The list of friends who have downloaded the app is included in the activity log, along with information about their postings


• Explore

Instead of going to the gallery and posting out of date videos, the user can post their live videos

• Adjustments Page

Users can make settings here according to their preferences and privacy concerns, and they con choose whether or not to let others view the page.


What distinguishes our Reddit App Clone development company from others?

→ Prompt deployment

→ Operations on multiple platforms

→ The right kind of support and maintenance

→ Affordable solutions

→ An effective admin dashboard

→ Scalability of performance

→ Integrating cloud technology


Why You Should Pick Our Reddit App Clone?

1. Quick Contact

2. Full customization and branding

3. Easily accommodate multiple users' activities

4. Accessible on both iOS and Android

5. A dedicated admin interface for controlling all the application's features

6. To adopt full customization, provide code

7. A skilled team of web and mobile developers built the application.

8. In the support period, there is no charge for bug support.

9. Proper product management of deliverables



Key Features of Meeting

-Understanding your specific needs and developing a plan to address them effectively.

-Overview of our services and how they can add value to your business.

-Share insights and best practices relevant to your industry.


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