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99acres Clone Script: Real State Broker Application

99acres Clone Script: Real State Broker Application

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Experience the power of the 99acres clone script app, crafted by industry leaders for real estate professionals. Unlock seamless property management, intuitive client interactions, and robust features tailored to elevate your brokerage's success. Trust in our renowned app development expertise to transform your real estate business today.

Discover the game-changing Real Estate Broker Application by Omninos Solutions, offering intuitive features and cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and enhance client experiences. Trust the leading app development company for personalized solutions tailored to your brokerage's needs.


  1. Intuitive Property Listing Management: Easily manage and showcase property listings with detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and interactive maps. Brokers can effortlessly upload, edit, and organize listings, ensuring accurate representation to potential buyers.

  2. Advanced Search and Filter Options: Empower users to find their ideal properties quickly with advanced search filters. Users can refine their searches based on location, price range, property type, amenities, and more, delivering personalized results tailored to their preferences.

  3. Virtual Property Tours: Revolutionize property viewing experiences with immersive virtual tours. Through 360-degree images or video walkthroughs, clients can explore properties remotely, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the space without physical visits.

  4. Integrated CRM System: Streamline client management with a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Brokers can track client interactions, manage leads, schedule appointments, and follow up on inquiries, fostering efficient communication and relationship building.

  5. Real-time Notifications: Stay informed and responsive with instant notifications on property updates, inquiries, appointment requests, and important milestones in the transaction process. Users receive timely alerts via push notifications, email, or SMS, ensuring no opportunity is missed.

  6. Secure Document Sharing: Facilitate secure document exchange between brokers, clients, and other stakeholders. From contracts and agreements to property documents and financial records, the application ensures confidentiality and compliance with encrypted file sharing.

  7. Interactive Chat and Messaging: Foster seamless communication between brokers and clients through an integrated chat and messaging system. Users can engage in real-time conversations, ask questions, negotiate terms, and share documents within the application, enhancing collaboration and responsiveness.

  8. Financial Tools and Calculators: Provide clients with essential financial tools to make informed decisions. Integrated mortgage calculators, affordability calculators, and loan comparison tools enable users to assess their financial capabilities, explore financing options, and plan their investments effectively.

  9. Review and Rating System: Build trust and credibility within the community with a review and rating system. Clients can leave feedback and testimonials based on their experiences, helping brokers showcase their expertise and reputation in the market.

  10. Offline Accessibility: Ensure uninterrupted access to critical information, even in low or no connectivity environments. Users can access property listings, client details, and essential documents offline, ensuring productivity and convenience on the go.

  11. Legal Compliance Checks: Ensure adherence to legal regulations and compliance standards with built-in checks and safeguards. The application verifies property listings for legality, zoning regulations, ownership documentation, and other regulatory requirements, minimizing risks and liabilities for brokers and clients.

  12. Customizable Branding and Themes: Tailor the application to reflect your brokerage's brand identity and style preferences. From logo placement and color schemes to custom themes and templates, users can personalize the application to create a cohesive and professional brand image.

  13. Analytics and Reporting Tools: Gain valuable insights into user behavior, market trends, and performance metrics with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools. Brokers can track website traffic, property views, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to optimize strategies and drive growth.

  14. Social Media Integration: Extend the reach of property listings and marketing efforts through seamless social media integration. Users can share listings, blog posts, and other content across popular social media platforms, leveraging social networks to attract potential buyers and generate leads.

  15. Multi-language Support: Reach a diverse audience and expand market reach with multi-language support. The application offers language localization options, enabling users to access content and navigate the platform in their preferred languages, fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

  16. Property Comparison Tools: Enable users to compare multiple properties side by side with intuitive comparison tools. Clients can evaluate key features, specifications, pricing, and location details to make informed decisions and prioritize their preferences effectively.

  17. Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Integration: Simplify the scheduling process with integrated appointment booking and calendar management features. Brokers can coordinate property viewings, meetings, and inspections seamlessly, syncing appointments with their personal or professional calendars for efficient time management.

  18. Geolocation and Nearby Amenities: Enhance property search experiences with geolocation technology and nearby amenities integration. Users can explore properties based on their current location, view nearby amenities such as schools, parks, restaurants, and transportation options, and assess the neighborhood's suitability for their lifestyle needs.

  19. Customizable Property Alerts: Keep clients informed about new listings and market updates with customizable property alert notifications. Users can set preferences based on property criteria, location, price changes, and other parameters, receiving automatic alerts when matching properties become available, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive market.

  20. Transaction Management and Escrow Services: Facilitate smooth and secure property transactions with comprehensive transaction management and escrow services. Brokers can oversee the entire transaction lifecycle, from offer acceptance to closing, track progress, manage documents, and ensure compliance with legal and financial requirements, providing peace of mind for all parties involved.


  1. Streamlined Operations: By centralizing property listings, client communications, appointments, and document management in one platform, the Real Estate Broker Application streamlines day-to-day operations for brokers. This efficiency translates to time savings, reduced administrative overhead, and improved productivity.

  2. Enhanced Client Experience: The application prioritizes client experience by offering intuitive search functionalities, virtual property tours, real-time notifications, and personalized communication channels. Clients enjoy a seamless and transparent process, leading to higher satisfaction levels and increased referrals.

  3. Increased Reach and Visibility: With features such as social media integration and multi-language support, the application expands brokers' reach to a broader audience. Properties can be marketed effectively across various platforms, attracting potential buyers from diverse demographics and geographical locations.

  4. Improved Decision Making: Advanced analytics and reporting tools provide brokers with valuable insights into market trends, user behavior, and performance metrics. Armed with data-driven insights, brokers can make informed decisions, optimize marketing strategies, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

  5. Risk Mitigation and Compliance: Built-in legal compliance checks, secure document sharing, and transaction management features mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the transaction process. Brokers can confidently navigate legal complexities, minimize errors, and protect their clients' interests.

  6. Competitive Edge: By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative features, brokers gain a competitive edge in the market. The application differentiates brokers from competitors, positions them as industry leaders, and strengthens their brand reputation among clients and peers.

  7. Increased Efficiency in Property Management: Property management becomes more efficient with customizable property alerts, geolocation technology, and nearby amenities integration. Brokers can effectively match properties to client preferences, streamline property viewings, and provide valuable insights into neighborhood amenities.

  8. Seamless Transaction Management: The application facilitates seamless transaction management with appointment scheduling, calendar integration, and escrow services. Brokers can oversee the entire transaction lifecycle, from initial inquiry to closing, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for all parties involved.

  9. Scalability and Flexibility: The Real Estate Broker Application offers scalability and flexibility to adapt to brokers' evolving needs and business requirements. Whether managing a small portfolio or a large real estate agency, brokers can customize the application to suit their unique workflows and scale operations accordingly.

  10. Client Retention and Loyalty: By delivering exceptional service, personalized communication, and valuable insights, brokers foster long-term relationships with clients. The application enhances client retention and loyalty, leading to repeat business, referrals, and positive testimonials.

  11. Data Security and Privacy Protection: With robust security measures in place, including encryption protocols and secure document sharing features, the application ensures the confidentiality and privacy of sensitive information. Brokers and clients can trust that their data is protected against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

  12. Cost Savings and Resource Optimization: By replacing traditional paper-based processes with digital solutions, brokers can reduce costs associated with printing, storage, and manual labor. The application optimizes resource allocation, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes overhead expenses, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

  13. Real-Time Market Insights: Through integrated analytics and reporting tools, brokers gain real-time insights into market trends, property performance, and client preferences. This invaluable data allows brokers to adapt their strategies, identify emerging opportunities, and stay ahead of market fluctuations.

  14. Collaborative Work Environment: The application fosters collaboration and teamwork among brokers, agents, and support staff through centralized communication channels and shared document repositories. Brokers can collaborate on listings, share resources, and coordinate activities seamlessly, enhancing productivity and synergy within the brokerage.

  15. Brand Differentiation and Positioning: With customizable branding options and professional presentation features, brokers can differentiate their brand and create a unique identity in the market. The application enables brokers to showcase their expertise, highlight their listings, and position themselves as trusted advisors and industry leaders.

What we are giving to the client ?

  1. Comprehensive Property Listings: Clients gain access to an extensive database of property listings, featuring detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and interactive maps. Whether searching for residential, commercial, or investment properties, clients can explore a wide range of options to suit their preferences and requirements.

  2. Personalized Search Experience: The application offers advanced search and filter options, allowing clients to refine their property searches based on criteria such as location, price range, property type, amenities, and more. With personalized search results, clients can quickly find properties that match their specific needs and preferences.

  3. Immersive Virtual Tours: Clients can virtually tour properties from the comfort of their own homes with immersive 360-degree virtual tours. These virtual experiences provide a realistic view of the property, allowing clients to explore each room and space in detail before scheduling an in-person viewing.

  4. Real-Time Notifications and Updates: Stay informed about new listings, price changes, and property updates with real-time notifications. Clients receive instant alerts via push notifications, email, or SMS, ensuring they never miss out on important opportunities or updates in the market.

  5. Secure Communication Channels: Communicate with brokers securely through the application's built-in chat and messaging system. Clients can ask questions, request additional information, and discuss property details with brokers in a private and secure environment, fostering transparent and efficient communication.

  6. Financial Tools and Calculators: Access to financial tools and calculators empowers clients to make informed decisions about their property investments. Whether calculating mortgage payments, affordability, or potential returns on investment, clients can leverage these tools to assess their financial capabilities and plan accordingly.

  7. Transparent Transaction Process: The application facilitates a transparent transaction process, providing clients with access to essential documents, contracts, and agreements securely. Clients can review and sign documents electronically, track the progress of their transactions, and stay informed about key milestones throughout the process.

  8. Personalized Recommendations and Alerts: Receive personalized property recommendations and alerts based on client preferences and search history. The application uses intelligent algorithms to suggest properties that match clients' criteria, helping them discover relevant listings and opportunities tailored to their needs.

  9. Neighborhood Insights and Amenities: Gain insights into neighborhood amenities, schools, transportation options, and other local attractions. Clients can explore the surrounding area of each property, assess neighborhood amenities, and make informed decisions about the location's suitability for their lifestyle and preferences.

  10. Responsive Customer Support: Access responsive customer support and assistance from knowledgeable professionals. Whether clients have questions about properties, need help navigating the application, or require assistance with their transactions, the support team is readily available to provide prompt and helpful assistance.

  11. Customization and Personalization: The Real Estate Broker Application provides clients with personalized experiences and customization options tailored to their unique preferences and requirements. From customizable search filters to personalized property alerts, clients can tailor their experience to align with their specific needs and preferences.

  12. Educational Resources and Guidance: In addition to property listings and transaction management features, the application offers valuable educational resources and guidance to clients. From mortgage calculators and financing options to neighborhood guides and market insights, clients have access to comprehensive information to make informed decisions.

  13. Responsive Customer Support: Clients benefit from responsive and attentive customer support services, ensuring their questions, concerns, and inquiries are addressed promptly and professionally. Whether through in-app chat support, email correspondence, or phone consultations, clients receive the support they need throughout their real estate journey.

  14. Transparent Communication and Documentation: Transparent communication and documentation processes foster trust and confidence between clients and brokers. The application facilitates transparent communication channels, secure document sharing, and real-time updates on property transactions, ensuring clients are informed and involved every step of the way.

  15. Long-Term Value and Relationship Building: Beyond facilitating individual transactions, the Real Estate Broker Application focuses on building long-term value and fostering lasting relationships with clients. By providing exceptional service, valuable insights, and ongoing support, brokers can cultivate loyalty, referrals, and repeat business, maximizing client satisfaction and lifetime value.

Contact For Live Demo

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Immerse yourself in interactive property tours, receive real-time notifications, and explore the depth of our customizable search filters. Witness secure document sharing, engage in seamless communication, and leverage powerful financial calculators. Join us for a live experience that goes beyond listings – it's a glimpse into the future of personalized, efficient, and secure real estate transactions. Explore the features that redefine your real estate journey.

  1. Interactive Property Search: Allow clients to experience the power of the application's interactive property search feature. They can explore a wide range of properties using various search criteria such as location, price range, property type, and amenities, providing a glimpse into the platform's robust search capabilities.

  2. Virtual Property Tours: Offer clients the opportunity to take virtual property tours within the live demo. They can immerse themselves in 360-degree virtual tours of properties, gaining a realistic sense of the space and layout without physically visiting the properties.

  3. Real-Time Notifications: Showcase the real-time notification feature during the live demo. Clients can receive instant alerts on property updates, new listings, appointment requests, and other important notifications, demonstrating the application's ability to keep users informed and engaged.

  4. Secure Document Sharing: Demonstrate the secure document sharing functionality to clients during the live demo. They can experience how easy it is to securely share and access important documents such as contracts, agreements, and property disclosures within the application.

  5. Appointment Scheduling: Highlight the appointment scheduling feature to clients, allowing them to schedule property viewings and meetings directly through the application. Clients can experience the convenience of booking appointments seamlessly within the platform.

  6. Customizable Property Alerts: Showcase the customizable property alert feature during the live demo. Clients can set up personalized property alerts based on their specific criteria and preferences, ensuring they never miss out on new listings that match their requirements.

  7. Interactive Chat Support: Offer live chat support during the demo, allowing clients to interact with a representative in real-time. They can ask questions, seek assistance, and receive immediate responses, demonstrating the application's commitment to responsive customer support.

  8. Integrated Financial Tools: Introduce clients to the integrated financial tools available in the application. They can explore mortgage calculators, affordability estimators, and loan comparison tools, providing valuable insights into their financial options when considering properties.

  9. Review and Rating System: Showcase the review and rating system to clients, allowing them to see feedback from other users and leave their own reviews. Clients can gain confidence in the platform's credibility and reputation based on user testimonials and ratings.

  10. Analytics and Reporting Dashboard: Provide clients with a glimpse into the analytics and reporting dashboard during the live demo. They can explore key metrics, trends, and performance indicators, demonstrating the application's ability to provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Real Estate Broker Application stands as a testament to our commitment to empowering brokers and clients to thrive in the digital age. Join us on this journey of transformation and discover the endless possibilities that await in the realm of real estate

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