Yipit Clone App Script

Omninos Solutions Yipit Clone enables you to get a head start with a daily
deals aggregator website that offers the best deal every day in every city. It
also allows you to collect the most recent and exciting daily deals from 549
services, including Yipit, LivingSocial, BuyWithMe, and many more from the
largest group buying websites. Using Yipit Clone, you can create your own
group deal aggregator website, importing deals from the industry's largest
group buying websites.
Yipit Script PHP is one of the best ways to make money without making a
significant investment. Omninos Solutions Yipit Clone Script is fully
customizable, so you can make any changes you want during the
development phase. One of the customizations that can be made is for it to
learn about the users interests and habits and then make
recommendations for deals that best match their preferences.

Yipit Clone Script's main characteristics:

● You are not required to visit every group deal website in order to view
a deal.
● Yipit Script is adaptable and can be integrated into any group
purchasing website.
● Subscribers are notified of deals that are relevant to their profile.
● Displays all of the most recent and exciting deals in one place.
● It automatically pulls deals from group buying sites.
● Deals are available based on interests, category, and location.
● Manage your social connections. Sign in with Facebook, Twitter, or
your email address.
● Admin area highlighted, with enhanced dashboard.
● Create promotions, coupons, deals, featured items, and pricing.
● Manage users' promotions and coupons by naming them, editing,
copying, and deleting any promotions and deals, as well as the value,
current price, views, and active and inactive status of the promotions
and deals.
● Contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail can be easily imported.

Why should you choose Omninos?


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